What Else Is The City Hiding?: Council Votes on Stadium Tomorrow Amidst Numerous Unanswered Questions

On September 28th, the LA City Council is set to vote on the proposed Farmers Field and Convention Center modification project. Despite unanimous Planning Commission and Ad Hoc Committee votes in support of the project, there are numerous answered questions that remain.

How will the sale of AEG impact the deal?

Why is the city ignoring members of Mayor Villaraigosa’s own “Vision Team”, who have criticized the project design as “flawed”?

Why is Councilmember Jan Perry now reversing her position that housing is an important issue when discussing the project?

The Mayor has said he new about the sale of AEG for months. If this is true, what else is the city hiding?

We know they are hiding a study that shows the impact of big projects like this on the need for affordable housing – according to this study it could be a $116,000,000 impact to the City’s housing need! Yet the City didn’t even require AEG to analyze the impacts on housing, let alone mitigate them.

In addition to these questions, there remain of host of issues, such as the project’s impact on housing, traffic, public transportation, and public space, that have yet to be addressed sufficiently.

At best, project developer AEG has created vague plans on how to meet its overly ambitious public transportation estimates.

At worst, AEG has outrightly denied the project’s impact on housing and population in the surrounding area. The company has maintained this position despite documentation that more than 1,200 units of low-income housing have been PERMANENTLY lost due to demolitions and mass, illegal evictions since the creation of Staples Center and LA LIVE.

With all of these questions remaining and issues yet to be addressed, it is to soon to move forward on Farmers Field. With so much riding on this vote, it’s time for City Council to do their duty and protect the health of those who would be most impacted by this decision. The project should benefit EVERYONE, not just billionaires.


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